You see the headlines, “serial killer… says he killed 40 or 50… bla, bla bla”.

You ignore the rest because you’ve seen it all too many times and it has become all too matter-of-fact. Some white guy confesses that he’s killed even more woman the the police originally suspected. The guy taunts authorities, bla, bla, bla… You move on to check the sports page: are the Alouettes still unbeaten?

So it was this week with the prisoner who claimed to kill dozens of women across the U.S. In fact this guy seemed to be getting a little too much airplat for your liking.

But wait. ..

That’s because there have in fact been dueling serial killers in this weeks headlines:

On Tuesday the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department posted on a website photographs of 54 young women whom they said “may have been victims of foul play between 1977 and 1984” The suspect is William Richard Bradford; now on death row for the murder of two women in California.

Not to be outdone by anyone, on Thursday convicted murderer now serving a life sentence in Colorado, Robert Charles Browne confessed to at least 48 murders across the U.S. The confession came about due in large part to the efforts of these three fellows:

Lou Smit, Scott Fischer and Charlie Hess, are volunteer cold-case investigators who worked with the Colorado police to get Robert Browne to confess to the killings.


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