After the search

Hi everyone, I am finally here writing to you.
I haven’ t been able until now to share my impressions regarding the search.
Last week, we passed the one month mark of the search, the time went by so fast, but I feel in some way, like it was yesterday. The weekend of the search was one of the most special of my life.

I am still laughing, when I think back to April when I had 12 volunteers including me and John and Andre.., and when the big deal was to find the temperature for that day, funny how things change when you put efforts and energy.

The event of the June 17 th search went very well. It was an intense and extremely moving day. Three days before, I met John for the first time, I went to greet him at the airport, it was special to finally to see each other in person after 5 years.
We had to much to talk about.

The search party was coming so fast, and I didn ‘t think I would have time to sleep the night before the search party, but I was so tired that I did. But in the end, everything went so well and I have no regrets about that day.

Now things are still evolving, the evidence that we found has been sent out west for analysis, it is still too early to make any conclusion, we have to wait for the result.

Today was a big day, I did many interviews for TV, newspaper, and Radio, just like John. It was not supposed to pass in Montreal, but when I went to my parent’s home today, my father said: I just saw you and the case on the TV, then when I left in my car, I turned on the radio, and it was another reportage for the case.

Well, no matter what, this search brought only good things. I am so emotional to see how far people went to participate in this event. I was so touched that Yvonne Prior came to the search with us in the woods, in the swamp. People came for the whole day searching in the woods, the bushes, keep walking for hours. At some point, we felt like we were in the African jungle, looking for evidence in 27 year old crime, it is just amazing.

What would we have done without the help of Quebec Secours and Radio Amateur.

Everyone put in their best effort that day. It was a big day of hard work but with many adventure, even some funny things happened. In the end, we were a team, a kind of big family.

I am so proud of the search and of course, I am still working hard on my goal to SOLVE this case, no matter what the result of the evidence analysis. It doesn’t stop there. The search helped to maintain the interest of the public and the media which is very important in this investigation.

Last friday, I spent the day with Radio Canada for a reportage which will pass this fall. We went to Lennoxville, Magog. Compton, the usual pattern. The flowers and Theresa’s picture that I put there are still there.

I was surprised that despite the rain, and the wind , the things were still there..
The first thing I said when I arrived was: wow, the flowers are still there, then Daniel Carriere (the journalist) looked at me as if I was dumb, and he said: Sue, the flowers are in plastics!!!

well, I had a bunch of cameramen and journalist laughing with relieved the tension of the atmosphere. It is a downer to go there where Theresa’s body was found, at that bridge. Kind of weird. Then all Radio Canada team were quiet too.

Well, we finished the day in a good mood at the Golden Lion Pub in Lennoxville, the nicest bar I ever went to. And Theresa used to go there to. There, my friend, the journalist Jen Young did an interview. I love to go in Lennoxville, it is incredible to see how people know each other, and how everyone remembers the case and talks about it, it is important.

After almost 3 months, there are still flyers in Some areas, but mostly in Lennoxville. Everytime I go there, I see bunch of people stopping to read the flyers.

You turn a corner, you go at the bus stop, or phone booth, and you see a marvelous curly-haired girl smiling at you…
A mysterious smile, but a hoping one…

Yeah..the best is coming.


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