M. Quenneville:

I call your attention to Saturday’s article in The National Post and to the attached release:


I also call your attention to the following which I posted on my website concerning the Quebec government’s continued failure to call into question the “above the law” tactics of the Surete du Quebec:


It has been over six weeks since my letter of June 12, 2006 and I still have no reply from the Charest governement on our request for reform in the Surete du Quebec (not even an aknowledgement that the letter was received).

I find it shameful that you would not respect the wishes of 3 survivors of murder, 6 victims of sexual assault and (now) over 100 supporters and favor us with – at least – a response and aknowledgement of our request.

I do hope your inaction does not reflect the intentions of the Premiere, the Justice Minister, and the Minister of Public Security.

Patiently awaiting your reply,

John Allore
brother of Theresa Allore
murdered in Compton, Quebec, 1978


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