“Let me show you the nearest signpost, to get your heart back and on the road”

So Let’s Talk About Supertramp

I remember clearly when my brother Andre received Crime of the Century for his birthday (1975?). We had never heard a song like School. We had never heard anything so depressing (and grooving) as Rudy (the best song about a fat guy). Could Bob Benberg have hit those drums any harder?

Hide In Your Shell: my god, my god they used a theremin!

Crisis What Crisis: Ya, the real crisis was the boner on the back cover, ummm… An album that unfortunately falls in the shadow of Crime: not deserved because it too is so briliant.

Even in the Quietest Moments: Boy, I only recently bought this again. Partly because it brought back bad memories (Theresa would have been exposed to this). Give a Little Bit (Go away, Clay)… Even in the Quitest Moments is really beautiful, Downstream still makes me cry.

Breakfast in America: There most commercial offering. And let’s begin by saying Roger Hodgen’s is such a beautiful guitar soloist.

Roger Hodgson

After that, I love Take the long way home, and Is It Mine was such an anthom at my high school.

Let’s hope they tour again…


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