Trying to Answer Comments

I can’t keep up with you people. Any-who…

1. the request for Gregoire info can’t be me (it was made in 1994). And now that I’ve slept on it, I NEVER made a foia request on Gregoire (it was on “John Allore” and “Theresa Allore”: I wanted to see who was saying what behind our backs).

So, anyone want to take a crack at Gregoire and FOIA ( 20severed.txt)?

2. “Farmer’s daughter on Mcdonald road” (I can’t believe I just said that): there was no weapon involved.

3. There’s little more I can say about the bludgeon guy and the parole guy.

4. I got my Hurricanes tickets for next season! Thanks Eric! (thought I’d throw that in there)

5. The Reversing Falls: Ya, what a stink-hole. It’s for good reason they call SJ the asshole of Canada. Not to fear; we didn’t live down wind. Our house is about 3 blocks from the Imperial Theater (in one of those old Victorians)


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