Steven Truscott

I once observed a demonstration of forensic entomology in which a human corpse laid out in the hot sun was devoured by nature in what seemed like a matter of hours (if you’re into this stuff check out the Tennessee Body Farm).

I’ve been wrapped up in my own little world lately and have hardly paid attention to the proceedings in the last 3 weeks in the Steven Truscott appeal process. But reading back… Man, this case has everything: an historic crime, false testimonies, dueling entomologists… A smorgasbord for internet sleuthers!

Seriously, the only thing worse then a cold-case is having a wrongful conviction; I would never want the wrong person accused of my sister’s death, and this certainly appears to be the situation with Mr. Truscott (as it was with David Milgaard and Guy Paul Morin).

Last week centered a lot on conflicting testimonies about maggots and their indication of the time of death.

So I did my own calculation: I zipped over to PathGuy’s Time of Death Estimator and plugged in my own variables based on information about Lynne Harper’s murder.

The result? She died within 0.6 hours from the time she was found with a 95% confidence interval (o to 3.4 hour moe).

Thank you PathGuy, for clearing up a 47-year-old mystery.


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