Guy Croteau and how this whole ball got rolling

I was thinking about GC today and how he had committed a series of rapes in Longueuil, and how he could be connected to Sharron Prior (but probably too young). Then I remembered how all this stuff got started.

Most newspapers write how I’ve been obsessed all my life by this. That’s not true, I had left it far behind me. Then on February 14th, 2002 I received a phone message from Patricia Pearson stating something to the effect that “police had captured a killer and wanted to talk to me about a possible link to Theresa”.

What PP was referring to was this notice posted on the Surete du Quebec’s website (amazingly it’s still there). So the police had less of an interest in talking to me personally; they wanted to talk to anyone with an unsolved that might be pinned on Guy (Patsy always had a way with hyperbole).

So I call up the SQ with this important information, “I have an Unsolved, I HAVE AN UNSOLVED!”.

Thus began my education in the indifference and non-challance of police bureaucracy. They could have cared less. After about a month of phone messages and pleas we were finally put in touch with the head-honcho on the case, a Montreal inspector named Marc Lepine (nice name fella)

Lepine was ok, but cool. PP and I always imagined him as some sort of super-cop (this was less of a reality and more of our desperate desire that there was some sense of balance and order to the world).

ML took our information but eventually lost interest: who wants to run down an o.d. victim.

Until August 10th 2002. Now this was the date the first Who Killed Theresa articles ran in the press. As you know, the shit hit the fan.

NOW recall that there was a brief holding period in the fall of 2002 where the SQ took a month to look at the files of Camirand, Dube, Allore and determine if they were going to reopen the cases. And after much fanfare they made this announcement that no case would be re-opened.

But what was going on in those 4 weeks? And what led them to this determination?

Ahhhh, tidbits unrevealed until now!

It turns out that when the SQ took that month to examine the files they were turned over to…

None other than Marc Lepine – the guy in charge of the Croteau investigation. The SQ never had any intention of looking at the cases on their own; their interest only went as far seeing if they could pin things on Guy Croteau. When Lapine determined that Croteau wasn’t responsible, they dropped the matter like a bad smell.

(Of course, what followed was our formal complaint to the police ethics commission, which made them think twice – in November 2002 they capitulated).

But what about Croteau? By their own estimation, the SQ state that GC is a serial killer, yet he is only convicted of one murder, the stabbing of Sophie Laundry in 1987. So where are the other murders?

The SQ ain’t talking.


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