Happy Canada Day (continued – why not?)

The Right Honorable Vic Toews
Suite 306, Justice Building
House of Commons
Ottawa. Ont.K1A 0A6

July 1, 2006

Justice Minister Toews:

This is my third annual Canada Day letter to Ministers of Justice inquiring about the rules governing evidence retention in Canada.

When we last left off, Minister Cotler was unable to answer my question of what exactly are the policies, rules and procedures governing the disposal of evidence in criminal investigations. Minister Cotler handed-the-ball off to Minister McClellan who in turn passed things over to the RCMP. As I decidedly stated on July 1st, 2004 (see below); the RCMP refused to answer my initial request in 2003. I asked Ms. McClellan who specifically I should contact at the RCMP, but she never replied.

I now turn the matter over to you Minister Toews. I have waited over two years for an answer to my question: what are the policies, rules, procedures governing evidence retention in Canada? Why are there not uniform policies that address this very serious matter?

Please don’t keep me waiting another year; the federal government is looking like a farce in regard to this matter. Let us hope, for the people’s sake, that the farce ends with the Liberal party.

Sincerely, and with great respect for your time and dedication to justice,

John Allore
brother of Theresa Allore, murdered in Quebec in 1978


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