I was re-reading the newspaper articles about Sharron Prior this morning – with particlular interest in the garage where dna evidence was found.

What interests me is something to do with Louise Camirand. Louise was not raped and murdered at the chemin Giguare sight, there was no blood in the snow. She would have been raped tortured and murdered somewhere else.

Now recall “Sue”‘s testimony – who was attacked within blocks of where LC disappeared – from the National Post:

Summer 1977 – a pressed-for-time Sue, then 21, decided to hitchhike the three kilometres from her home to a nearby mall which was located over a steep hill. She was picked up at the corner of Portland and Jacques Cartier boulevards.”As soon as I got in I said, ‘Oh Sue, don’t do this’,” she recalled. “I immediately knew I made a mistake.”

Riding in silence, the man continued down the road, but just before the mall he veered right, up a dirt road.

Sue recalled recently that she asked him where he was going.”He said something about working in construction and having to go to this one place before he dropped me at the mall,” she said in an interview. “He was French and I was English and when I get nervous I have trouble speaking and understanding [French].”The man drove to the end of the dirt road, which was near a golf course and a wooded area. He pulled in behind an electrical shed.

The question I ask is, Was Sue’s attacker the same person who killed Louise Camirand? Was LC murdered in that electrical shed?

Oh, and yes, the electrical shed is still there (I’ve been there, it’s up on Beckett street). If the Longueuil and Montreal police can dust for 30 year old evidence why can’t the Surete du Quebec? I asked the SQ to do just that over three years ago (they, of course, thought it was a stupid idea).

But I’ll tell you what…. if I was a smart, young criminologist I might just take a set of bolt cutters to that electrical shed.


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