For your edification: Jean Quenneville is no mystery-man, he’s a run-of-the-mill bureaucrat in the Charest cabinet.

Here’s what happened. Recall that the petition calls for:

1. Inquiry into the SQ
2. Reform the SQ’s communication practices
3. Create a cold-case squad.

Now we didn’t want to blind-side the liberal government with these requests (Hey, I’ve spoken to Charest, he’s a nice guy!). So back in May I contacted his offices and was told a guy named David Rheault was the go-to person in justice for the liberals. So I phoned Rheault just to give him a heads up of what was coming down the pike. Then I called him again. Then I called him again! These guys never return calls.

So I figured, “ok, their loss, I’ll go ahead and blindside them with the request”. I mailed it directly with back-up documentation to Charest, Dupuis, Marcoux, this guy Rheault and a half-dozen other Liberal cronies from the Townships. That was on June 12th.

I hear nothing. So then I pester them and finally get someone to say, “oh ya, that request? It’s being handled by Jean Quenneville.”

Ok, fine so I phone Jean Quenneville. And I phone again. And I phone again!

Nothing. It’s really amazing to me; how is it that the people cannot get in touch with a politician? What’s wrong with this picture?

And what’s worse is the press. So we have this press conference where we say we want a cold case squad; and we want the Charest government to create it. Isn’t the next logical step to ask the Charest government, “Hey! Minister Dupuis! About this request! Are you going to honor it?”

Why do I have to walk through the ABC steps of creating change?

So now I’m really pissed. Yesterday I turned the whole matter over to the BQ and the PQ: I figure maybe they’d like something like this to sink their teeth into. Even better, I think Serge Menard – the former Minister of Public Security in charge of implementing the Poitras commission changes? – is now an opposition leader in my brother’s riding (Laval – Rosemere). So I wrote him too.

So now you have your update on the SQ, BQ, PQ and Mr. JQ


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