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Excerpts from 1999 Gazette article on the Poitras Commission Report titled:

“Control for SQ urged Lawbreaking force needs civilian overseer: report”


“The provincial government has to set up a civilian body to overhaul the Surete du Quebec, a backward and disorganized police force that routinely breaks the law during criminal investigations, is engaged in turf wars with other police forces and lacks professionalism in the way it does police work, a public inquiry has concluded.”

“…The Poitras report lists complaints about SQ officers uttering threats to potential witnesses. One investigator is quoted as saying to a witness: “I’ll tell you something about how it works at the Surete du Quebec. Drugs get planted in your car, the police are called and you’re screwed.”

“…The report paints a picture of a police force that is reluctant to use new investigative procedures, abuses its powers of arrest and detention to interrogate people who have not been arrested, relies too much on informers and does not check out information that informers give investigators.”

“…Furthermore, the SQ… is unable to conduct criminal investigations of its own officers or other police forces because of a “law of silence similar to that found in organized crime,” it says.””…The Poitras report also says the SQ’s unwillingness to share information with other police forces – particularly Montreal Urban Community police – has hurt criminal investigations.”

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