The Pillowman

The good news

Amelia and I both auditioned for Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman over at Manbites Dog theatre in Durham. It’s a twisted little piece of theater about cops, child killers and the position of art in a totalitarian society.

The good news

Both Amelia and I had callbacks this after noon.

The bad news

I got cast, Amelia didn’t. There’s a role in the play of “the little Jesus” or “Little green pig”: in the London production it was played by an adult, but in the Broadway production it was played by a child. Manbites producers thought it too disturbing to have a little girl go through the stages of the cross (crucifixion, stabbed in the side, crown of thorns, etc, etc…).

Hey! Amelia and I were up for it! Let the kid decide! We’re a warped little family unit here!

I get the role of the sadistic detective, Ariel.

(I really wanted to be in a play with my daughter.)


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