So what did we find?

That seems to be the question everyone is asking. Sorry to be coy, but for obvious reasons I can’t be too specific.

I would say we found about 6 or 7 pieces of evidence that warrant further testing, investigation. Amongst these pieces there is some evidence that the Magog police got wind of that they would like to inspect. We have no intention of showing it to Magog police until we do private analysis, but you might want to ask yourselves,

“does the Magog police have any unsolveds on their books that they’d like to talk to the public about?”

For anyone who was there I believe that the conditions were a little rough, but could have been worse if it had been hot like it was on Sunday. The forest was quite dense in spots, there was a lot of soupy marsh. The bugs were not bad and – thankfully – no blackflies. It was virtually impossible to “dig up” any evidence; if things were buried, they stayed buried – there was so much land to cover. We were fortunate however that there were several spots that were simply garbage dumping grounds that dated back to the seventies, and some of these spots revealed some goodies.

There was a lot made of the car that was found. I had actually found that car some years ago when I first went to Giguare. Here is a photo from back then:

I find the car more creepy than anything, I doubt it is relevant.

And here’s a picture of the creepy shack behind the car:

Again, what does it mean? Who knows? (believe me, the evidence we found is much more interesting than this).

Finally here’s a shot of the general area we searched (a base command post was set up in the clearing):

I will post some more photos as soon as I receive them. If anyone else has photos, please send and I will post them for you.


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