A well deserved thank you

I have asked Sue Sutherland to join me as a blogging partner here at Whokilledtheresa?

I have heard a lot of thank yous for Sue in the past weeks; all of them deserved. But I thought I’d share some things that you don’t know:

1. Sue organized everything with this search party. The co-ordination with the police, Quebec Secour, the radio operators, the sniffer dogs, the correspondence with the Surete du Quebec insisting that they participate. Everything. At one point she was disappointed that we couldn’t get a helicopter. I thought it was overkill, but you know what? After slugging through those woods? We could have used a helicopter.

2. In short order I watched Sue work the phones. In the space of a drive through Montreal she called Leo Hamel, Roch Gauldreault, police officers, detectives, assault victims, you name it. Handling all of them with much more grace and poise than I could ever muster.

3. While we were at the search site on Saturday, Sue found out that Florent Henri – one of two men who originally found the body of Louise Camirand – was still living up the street. She called Florent and convinced him to come to the site and show us exactly where the body was found. The price? A kiss on each cheek for Florent (I don’t think Florent would have been so receptive if I had made the same offer – Sue took one for the team).

4. On Sunday I drove with Sue throughout the Townships showing her all the important sights of the crimes. Each corner, lamp post, phone both, etc… was plastered with Who Killed Theresa posters. Sue did that weeks prior.

This is a person who will not take “no” for an answer. She is calm and focused, and only wants to see justice done. It is my hope that Sue will post in the French language and provide us all with developments in what she is attempting to accomplish.

So please welcome Sue Sutherland to Whokilledtheresa?


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