Susan Armstrong, dead at age 54

Very sad news that Susan Armstrong died of heart failure yesterday. Susan co-founded the Missing Children’s Network and was instrumental in getting the Amber Alert system implemented on the island of Montreal. In 2002 she wrote me the following email:

Dear John Allore,

I want to tell you how touched I was by your article in the Gazette. In 1984, after the abduction and disappearance of a 4 year old boy in Montreal, I co-founded the Missing Cchildren’s Network. I left two years ago after 15 years as it is the kind of work you cannot do forever… We helped many families find their children. I wanted you to know that since that time, I have been pressuring the Montreal police to implement the Amber alert and finally, they are going to do it. They have assigned an officer who is working full-time on the project. If it saves one life… I am waiting until they are up and running and then I will put pressure on the SQ to implement it as well. I hopw that knowing that maybe another life will one day be saved (the Amber alert has helped 35 children in the States so far)and that some people are doing something for missing people will comfort you.

I wish you peace.


Susan Armstrong

A very decent person. She will be missed.


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