Sitting on my ass at my brothers drinking a beer

I hate this kind of blogging, but I have nothing to do so I’m gonna blab.

Got in to Dorval last night around 5:30pm (it will never be Pierre Trudeau airport for me). They finally finished that seemingly decade-long renovation of the customs area: it’s quite beautiful and I hear they’re adding a hotel.

And Sue was there to greet me! What a nice surprise. So we sat at the lounge for an hour and chatted.

I’ve never met Sue. In fact, up until yesterday – having known her for 5 years – I’d never even talked to Sue. It was quite strange. Like meeting someone via the internet, only for quite macabre reasons.

And Sue’s so nice! (actually I knew this; I had her scoped out by various moles and informants – if she was
“s-t-r-a-n-g-e” she would have been ditched long ago. )

So… I hooked up with my rental car and drove to my brudder’s place. Just in time for a photographer from The Post to arrive and take some quick photos of the two of us (see The National Post tomorrow a.m.). Then we watched the hockey game and talked about Saturday (Andre’s creeped-out to set foot in those woods – who wouldn’t be?).

Tonight I’m meeting Sue to strategize. Then it’s off to Sherbrooke tomorrow to meet Pierre, and the press conference.


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