Finally the finals

Oh Canada, my home and native land
But now we’ll see exactly where I stand.

Edmonton’s looked good, but rather streaky
with one week’s rest those Oiler bones are creaky

In the Oilers Canada’s pitched there last ditch hopes
To say “we’ll win in seven” is a dead man’s dope

The Canes will win, and doubt? I haven’t any
The question is the games, and just how many?

The Canes in seven? Peca won’t last that long
And Pronger’s out of gas, his tank is gone.

The Canes in six? That’s nice but it’s been taken
Old Rollie’s legs are shakin’ and a quakin’

The Canes in five? Maybe? but I’ll go for more
And so instead I’ll say THE CANES IN FOUR!


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