Sherbrooke, le 18 mai 2006



AFPAD was amongst a number of organizations that met with the minister of justice on May 17 in order to exchange thoughts on Bill 25 and the the reform of IVAC.

The 2 hour meeting allowed for AFPAD to reiterate its dissatisfaction of Bill 25 because it does not allow for the psychological support for the existing families of murdered or missing persons. AFPAD substantiated its demand to the minister with information on many families from the four corners of Quebec whose lives have been dramatically scarred. The minister did not seem to be open to this request. AFPAD requested that the minister supply the economic study that supported the decision to exclude the existing families from Bill 25. The minister is going to comply with the request.

AFPAD has been invited to participate on a conultation committee (Table de concertation des organismes intervenant auprès des victimes criminels) that will be comprised of representatives from organizations serving vicitms of criminal acts. The minister intends to set this committee into place with the hopes of establishing a method of formal exchange between the minister and the people working in that milieu. AFPAD is the only organization present that represents the victims. AFPAD told the minister that it would participate on the consultation committee on condition that the minister would be open to provide a realistic endowment that would allow for services for the families of murdered and missing people.

AFPAD will continue to discuss with the minister the preoccupations and needs of these families that it represents and hopes that the Minister of Justice will modifiy Bill 25 in order to reflect not just a law that is economically viable but that also endorses social solidarity.

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu
Père de Julie assassinée en 2002


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