Sharron Prior

If you haven’t noticed Doreen Prior – the sister of Sharron Prior – has been commenting on this blog for quite some time. What Doreen has been far too modest to tell you is that she is a survivor, her sister went missing in Longueuil on March 29th, 1975. Three days later her body turned up in a field. She had been raped and beaten.

Like my sister and Manon Dube the Prior’s were told that all the evidence that could have yielded dna results was disposed of by police (in 1995). Then in 2004 the Priors were told that some evidence had (miraculously) been found. When the Prior’s pressed the police for answers as to why the police had not properly catalogued evidence they were met with bureaucratic excuses.

Also… in 2004 Longueuil police went to a warehouse in the area where Sharron disappeared and recovered dna samples. It is the police’s belief that Sharron was held in this warehouse for a period before she was murdered.

This is one more case of Quebec police incompetence in all of our struggles to discover the truth of what happened to our loved ones.

For more information please check out Sharron’s website.


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