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Missing B.C. girl feared abducted
Last Updated Wed, 17 May 2006 17:29:33 EDT
CBC News

RCMP are treating the disappearance of an 11-year-old British Columbia girl as a possible child abduction.
Carmen Kados was last seen Tuesday evening when she left her home in Armstrong, a small town just north of Vernon, to go to a video store.

Carmen’s family began searching for her, and the girl’s mother called police when two hours had passed and there was still no sign of her.

RCMP Cpl. Henry Proce said investigators found the girl’s scooter, the movie and other personal items behind an Armstrong cheese store just a block away from the video outlet.

Two RCMP dog teams have been called in to help, as has a police helicopter. The RCMP are also organizing search-and-rescue groups to go door-to-door through the small community.

The girl has blond, shoulder-length hair and blue-green eyes. She was last seen wearing a blue T-shirt, light blue shorts and green sandals.

Police are asking members of public to report any suspicious activity they may have noticed in Armstrong on Tuesday night.


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