This phrase caught my interest:

“As the death is unexplained we must treat this as a homicide until the circumstances direct otherwise.”
Another body found in Alberta
Canadian Press

SHERWOOD PARK, ALTA. — RCMP announced Tuesday that remains of what appears to be a woman have been discovered in a farmer’s field east of Edmonton — the same general area where the bodies of several prostitutes have been found in recent years.

The remains were found around noon by a young couple out for a walk in a lightly wooded area near a farmer’s field.

Project Kare, an RCMP task force investigating the deaths of dozens of women involved in high-risk lifestyles, has been called in to investigate.

“While it is currently not certain that this is a death that falls within the Project Kare mandate, they will remain actively involved until the status of the investigation is further known,” RCMP said in a news release.

However, the release also said “at this point there are not a lot of details known to investigators.”
RCMP stressed there was no evidence yet to link the death with “any active or historic” homicide investigation.

“It would be unwise to jump to any conclusions as the circumstances of this death are in the preliminary stages of the investigation,” said the release.

“As the death is unexplained we must treat this as a homicide until the circumstances direct otherwise.”

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Last week, Thomas George Svekla, 38, of High Level in northern Alberta, became the first person arrested by Project Kare.

He is charged with second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body in the death of Theresa Merrie Innes of Edmonton.

Ms. Innes, 36, was last seen alive in High Level last August. Her body was found May 7 in a home in Fort Saskatchewan, more than 700 kilometres away.

The Edmonton Sun reported that Mr. Svekla had contacted one of its reporters in 2004 to talk about Rachel Quinney, a young prostitute whose body was found east of Edmonton that year.
Reporter Andrew Hanon said Mr. Svekla told him he was a person of interest in the Quinney case, and complained that RCMP were treating him and his family unfairly.

According to Mr. Hanon, Mr. Svekla said he stumbled over Ms. Quinney’s body while partying with another prostitute in a remote wooded area.


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