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Sherbrooke , Quebec

May 15, 2006-05-15

Today I wish to confirm my retirement from professionnal life, following a 33 year career within Quebec’s Public Administration. From now on, I want to devote myself entirely to the development of AFPAD (l’Association des familles de personnes assassinées et disparues),which I established in 2005 along with three other fathers, Mr. Bolduc, Surprenant and Carretta, who were going through a similar situation. Bear in mind that AFPAD’s mission is to provide support and advocacy for the families of murdered and missing persons. AFPAD’s preoccupation within the next few months are very important projects such as the opening of a permanent office in Montreal and the launching of a financial campaign with the hope of gaining the support of Quebec’s corporate sector.

I truly wish to thank the Quebec Government for all the support and deep comprehension it demonstrated to me and my family since the murder of my daughter Julie in June 2002. I was also touched by the sympathy shown by my employer following the death of my second daughter Isabelle in December 2005. I’ve had a professional life filled with challenges and consider myself privileged to have worked alongside truly competent people in the seven departments and the six regional districts of Quebec to which I was assigned.

I wish to thank all of you whom I supervised and whose qualifications made me appear as a competent administrator. Employees, partners, customers, media…please know that you have always been at the heart of my concerns as a servant of the State.

I also wish to inform you that in the last few days I’ve signed a contract with LES ÉDITIONS DE L’HOMME, this meaning that in the upcoming year, I will produce a book about the lives of my daughters Julie and Isabelle and about the association I preside. This book will represent a testimonial to life for my family and a message of hope to all the families which have to bear such an ordeal that is likely to shatter their lives. Monsieur Jean Couture, an independant consulting-editor, will accompany me in the writing of this book

Finally, I will continue giving conferences and presenting testimonials to schools, aid to victims’ organizations and resource centres dedicated to the rehabilitation of criminals, in particular those working with young offenders. I have yet another project, which is to collaborate with the Québec media to improve r my communication skills, but mostly to be able to touch as many hearts that I possibly can, those hearts which have been mistreated by life.

I wish to thank all of you for your help.

For more information :

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu
Phone : 819-620-3554
E-Mail : sos@afpad.ca
Internet : http://www.afpad.ca/


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