Letter to the Editor
In Yesterday’s Sherbrooke Record

I would like to respond to today’s article regarding the murder of my sister, Theresa Allore and attempts to recover evidence in a forest near Magog.

Mr. Louis-Philippe Ruel of the Sherbrooke Surete du Quebec states that “We have done all the investigations we can in this case and we have no new evidence.”

Mr. Ruel refers to events and a case of which he has no experience, knowledge or expertise. May I remind the people of the Eastern Townships that the case file on my sister was taken away from the Sherbrooke SQ in 2002 when they were humiliated in their failure to surmise the factual basis for my sister’s death, which was murder. Montreal investigators referred to Sherbrooke detectives as “juniors” who had no skill in solving complex crimes. For the past 3 1/2 years that file has resided at the headquarters of the Surete du Quebec in Montreal (and I might add the Montreal SQ isn’t doing any better of a job finding answers to my sister’s death).

I have reviewed the case file on my sister, and I have also talked to the Montreal investigators; at no time did the Surete du Quebec conduct a search of the woods near Magog, nor did they ever have any intention of searching those woods.

The SQ better think long and hard about their intention of being “near the site” on June 17th. Ms. Sutherland has the assistance of Quebec Secours and other experts skilled in forensic evidence recovery. At this point I would consider any interference on the part of the Surete du Quebec as reduntant, disruptive, intrusive and above all self-serving.

John Allore
brother of Theresa Allore
Graduate Student / Justice Administration
North Carolina State University


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