The Mysterious Case of Jacques Turcotte

[ UPDATE: Would it make you think twice if I told you Suspect # 2 in Theresa’s case worked with and despised Jacques Turcotte, and that Roch Gauldreault headed up the Turcotte investigation? ]

Between the disappearances and murders of Louise Camirand and Manon Dube, – 8 months prior to when Theresa Allore went missing – there was another disappearance in the same Sherbrooke region. On Friday the 13th of January, 1978 – just two weeks prior to when Manon Dube disappeared – 21 year old Bishop’s student Jacques Turcotte exited a campus pub and was never seen alive again. Month’s later his body was found in a snow bank.

Is there some sort of connection with Turcotte’s death? I let news accounts from that period tell the rest of the story:

The Touchstone
January 26th, 1978

Strange Disappearance
By Ian Craig

A mysterious disappearance has occurred on our campus. Friday, the 13th, with its reputation as a bad day, may have some truth to it.

A young man partying at the Bishop’s Pub on Friday has not been heard or seen, since he parted from the pub leaving his coat, prescription glasses and watch behind.

The Lennoxville police working together with Quebec Provincial Police have not yet found any clues to his disappearance.

He has been identified as Jacques Turcotte, 21 years old, present address 180 Candiac St., Sherbrooke. He stands 6ft. tall, 225 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

If you have seen him or know any information that may lead to his whereabouts, please call the police at 562-4448, night 562-8333.


The Campus
February 10th 1978

No New Leads on Missing Person
By Nelson Wyatt

The Quebec Police Force SHerbrooke detachment reports that there have been no new leads in the disappearance of Jacques Turcotte, 20, of Sherbrooke.

Turcotte, missing since the night of Friday, January 13th, was last seen at the Pub by a friend at 11:46 pm

He is described as being six feet tall, 225 pounds with curly black hair and glasses. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a black simulated leather jacket, a tie dye tee shirt, blue jeans and work boots.

QPF officers on the case found Turcotte’s winter coat and other personal effects in the Pub.

Anyone with information on Turcotte’s whereabouts or who may have seen him are asked to contact Investigator Real Chateauneuf of the QPF Sherbrooke detachment at 565-8111


Sherbrooke Record
Date unknown

Turcotte autopsy performed

Although pathologists can’t determine exactly what killed Jaques Turcotte, whose frozen body was found in a field near Bishop’s University Friday morning, they say he likely died of exposure.

An autopsy performed yesterday revealed no signs of violence on Turcotte’s body. The 22-year-old Sherbrooke resident was last seen at Bishop’s University Pub Jan. 13. Agent Real Chateauneuf of the QPF Criminal Investigations Bureau, who has headed the Turcotte case, agreed the young man likely froze to death.


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