School Days

Anon asked me about other sexual assaults that might have occurred in Compton.

Yes, I have had a few. Because if its prior history as a private girls school, King’s Hall was long considered fertile pick grounds for young girls.

One incident especially comes to mind. It was emailed to me by the victim. In October, 1969 a young female student went out to hwy 208 to smoke a joint. A local boy named Bernard St. Laurent (yes, one of THOSE St. Laurants) exposes himself and began to chase her. Terrified, she ran back to residence. The caretaker of King’s Hall told her it had happened before.

In 1973 the King’s Hall girls school amalgamated with Bishop’s College School in Lennoxville. Residents from Compton packed it up and moved into the Bishop’s facility. The Champlain CEGEP residence known as “Compton”, was thus born in 1974 and remained open until the spring of 1980.

I have received many documented reports of Champlain students at Compton being drugged with horse tranquilizers then either being molested by fellow students or residents of the Compton village (with horse farms all around it’s not hard to imagine where the tranquilizers came from).

Also, I’m sure there were many unsavory things going on in residence, what with the lack of supervision; but my brother remembers one terrible event where a female student was basically “gang-raped” by some boys.


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