The Hockey Somnambulist

Did you ever get the feeling that you’re all hockeyed out?
The Ides of May are on us, the season’s past for one last shout?
Have you had that sense, you’ve reached mid-point, too tired for two last bouts
Did you ever have that feeling that you are all hockeyed out?

The Canes have clinched yet one more round, ho hum, ho hum-hum hee
Now ticket prices have been doubled, you’re all tapped out to pay the fee
And hockey’s best-of-seven pace just crawls away at time
By the time they reach the finals, RBC will have your one last dime

Do you have that sinking feeling that all the games just feel the same?
Last night you enjoyed the victory, but didn’t it seem like any other game?
If I have to hear The Boss and “The Rising” anymore I’ll scream
Get to game seven of the finals! “til then, can I watch a baseball team?

‘Cause winter’s frozen pastime is wasted in this heat
I want Lord Stanley’s glory, but first we’ve got Buffalo to beat
And the Sabres won’t rollover like some other teams upended
But for god sakes fellas, its nearly June, put a fork in it! End it!

So did you ever have that feeling that you truly are all hockeyed out?
Sixteen games drag on and on, you’ve replaced Summer lager for cold hard stout.
And the droning voice of Joe Beninati has cast your world in doubt,
Did you ever have that feel that you’re all hockeyed out?


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