The Shadow of the Curse of the Devil

Put the brooms away me boys
The Canes have other plans
They’ll win it all on Sunday night
For Mom and all your clan

Buy your tickets now me friends
Cause’ Sunday’ll be quite cheery
They’ll win the division for you and me
And Johnny and Tripp Tracy

May 14th is good Mother’s Day
Celebration for the masses
The Canes will come out loud and strong
And kick the Devils’ asses

So what! We lost one 5 to 1
A charity I say
When Sunday comes we’ll beat the drum
It’ll be an NJ doomsday!

Puck glory is a fickle friend
Your up and then you’re down
The Devils they’ve run out of luck
We’ll run them out of town

Put your red shirts on me girls
Don’t be so dower and stoic’
Cause when this Sunday comes me girls
We’ll drive them back to the Passaic

So Brodeur had a so-so game
No need to stand and cry
‘Cause when this Sunday comes me friends
They can kiss our Carolina asses goodbye!

We’ll leave them in the dust good friends
As we move toward Lord Stanley
And when the lights dim in the RBC
The Devils will retreat home gladly.


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