Champlain College’s Grand Experiment

Anon writes: “hey john, hey mm – i remember a little over a year ago, when i first read this blog/website, there was something either by john or patricia pearson that really disturbed me… that ‘compton was an experiment’ !!! – i was really disturbed by this – i was part of an experiment – and there’s absolutely nothing to be done about it now…”


Yes, this is in fact exactly how administrators at Champlain College viewed the residence at Compton, Quebec; as a grand social experiment for students promoting self-sufficiency. If you read all the old press articles for the 6 or 7 years when students were housed at King’s Hall the thrust of everything is how great it is that young teenagers are being responsible for themselves: they cook their meals, they put themselves to bed, they run their own social activities… all this kind of 70s social-psycho-babble-crap that seemed to be “in vogue” at the time (you have to remember that all three administrators, Campus Director Bill Matson, Director of Student Services Gerald Cutting, and Assistant Residence Director Jeanne Eddisford had backgrounds in behavioral psychology).

Still, one wonders how much of this was “spin” and trying to make the best of a horrible and horrific situation.


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