Ode to 9 goals against Brodeur

Tick-tick-ticking, ticking clock,
Counting down, Carolina tick-toc.
Brodeur focused, set for the bout
Brodeur say, “Me shut ’em out”.

At 6:20 he may be right,
Devils put the puck in flight.
Lang’brunner say, “first goal is mine”,
Tick-tick-ticking, ticking time.

Brodeur fall, he hit the decky,
18:18, here come Recci,
Puck deflects, puck is in,
Canes have tied, but have no win

Sand is running, seconds ticking,
Here comes Gomez cherry picking,
Gomez shifting, use his sticky
Boy these Jersey devils are tricky!

20 seconds still remaining,
Hopes are dashed, crowd is leaving,
Williams weaving, Staal he spies,
3 seconds left, Canes have tied!

Overtime, Canes fans roar,
Marty Brodeur back for more,
Marty grumpy… huffy-puffy,
This time Marty show his stuffy:
“Me no get beat by no rookie,
This time Marty close the booky.”

Brind’Amour, big and bruising,
Open ice, sees Wallin cruising,
Takes the pass from Rod the beast,
Marty ready at the crease,

Wallin deaking, Wallin rushing,
Marty’s legs they turn to mushy,
Wallin pushes, crash the net,
Did his skate the puck deflect?

Goal contested, in review,
Up to T’ronto, Raleigh boos.
Ref now says it’s understood
time defeated, goal is good!


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