Game 6 – Hurricanes 2, Montreal 1 (ot)

Ode to a defeat in Six

It’s all over now, the Habs are defeated,
Some say it is only because the Canes cheated.

The reffing was biased, the penalties doubled,
But that wasn’t the worst of Montreal’s trouble.

Williams high stick met with Koivu’s left eye,
Since then both the Habs and their scoring went dry.

Sundstrum, Steve Begin, Higgins, Rivet.
Would somebody please put the puck in the net!

Kovelev’s circling, seeking relief,
While Rabiro tries best to locate the crease.

Carbo and Gainey just stood there and stared.
This series was wilder than Commadore’s hair.

It’s over, it’s over the Habs have rolled over
Souray’s hit the links in his shiny Ranger Rover

Theo advances while Cristobal stays,
Is Montreal doubting the worth of the trade?

It’s all over now, Canes enjoy all your revels,
’cause you’ll go out in four when you next meet the Devils


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