Big Jim

There was a lovely picture of Jim and Alison Sapikowski in today’s paper. If I hadn’t have looked I would have forgotten that it was one year ago that they both died. It is an extraordinary gesture – given the circumstances of their deaths – that the Sapikowski and Powel families would post such a wonderful tribute.

No one should guess I am hung up on Jim’s death. I think if him often. When I do I always smile; because I can see his huge, confident grin smiling back at me.

As some of you know I subscribed to NHL In Demand this season largely due to Jim’s influence (he had In Demand and always marveled at all the games he got to watch).

It is fitting on this day that the Colorado Avalanche knocked-off the Dallas Stars (the Avs were Jim’s team). Now no one would have been more surprised at the twist of fate that brought the Montreal Canadiens number one goalie, Jose Theadore to Colorado than Jim. Jim used to go on about Theo, and how it would be great if the Avs landed a goalie like that. Jim got his wish and now Jose seems to have found his old form.

But in landing Theo, Colorado also received one of the Habs worst defenseman of all time. That’s right, we’re talking Patrice Brisebois. Jim… listen to me here… Brezzy was caught up so many times in this series it’s a wonder your team pulled it off. Watch out for that. If the Avs go down in the next round it will no doubt be because of a knuckleheaded play by The Breezer.


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