AFPAD/MMPFA (MURDERED AND MISSING PERSONS’ FAMILIES ASSOCIATION) is satisfied with the commitment made today by the Quebec’s Minister of Public Security on the reform of Quebec’s correctional services and the parole board commission. AFPAD/MMPFA recognizes that the minister proved himself to listen well to the claims of families who lost loved ones to murder by recidivists who were housed in Quebec prisons. With this news and Minister Yvon Marcoux’s announcement in March regarding the 2006 budget AFPAD considers that the government of Quebec has taken concrete action to ensure better security for Quebec women as well as ensuring more rights for the families of murdered and missing persons.

In January 2006 AFPAD met with Minister Dupuis in order to sensitize him on the heightened negative effects that result from suspended sentences and release of criminals without any control measures put into place to evaluate risk factors for recidivsm. Today’s reaction of the minister demonstrates a positive direction in the process of reducing criminal activity amongst our youth and the recidivists in our society. There is still a lot to do especially in the area of rehabilitation of inmates in the Quebec prison system.

AFPAD applauds the government for announcing the additional support that will be provided to victims. However, these measures will be treating the effects of criminal activity. It is very important that the government attack the causes of criminal behaviour and the rehabilitation young criminals in order to reduce this scourge that is contaminating today’s youth. It is unacceptable that our young offenders be expected to stay in prison, whether it is for a short period or long, and not receive any rehabilitation, therapy, education or social skills development before being released. AFPAD deplores the fact that young people who have been detained in Quebec prisons ultimately leave with more of a criminal mindset rather than sense of rehabilitation.

AFPAD intends to bring up this subject at next week’s meeting with the Ministers of Justice, Yvon Marcoux and Minister of Public Security, Jacques Dupuis.

Finally, AFPAD has organized a meeting of its membership families that will be held in Montreal on June 4,2006.

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu


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