Keep Carl Your Judge?

Over at Orange Politics Mayor Mark has a nice rundown of the judicial races coming up on May 2nd. Here in Orange County the Superior Court Judge race features Chuck Anderson, Allen Baddour, Carl Fox, Ken Oettinger, Michael Patrick, and Adam Stein. You get to pick two.

Many have already thrown in their chips with Fox.

Mark Kleinschmidt writes,

“Stein and Fox stand head and shoulders above their competition. We would be extraorinarily blessed to have two such highly accomplished jurist on the bench in Orange County.”

Adds Catherine Devine,

“I lean toward Carl Fox for Superior Court because he’s spent so much time in the trenches and thinks like a judge. Carl made a big mistake as DA last year that resulted in a false arrest. Lessons learned count toward experience.”

But Ruby Sinreich offers this response,

“It’s hard for me to see Fox’s mistake in the Dalzell case as a reason to support him, as Catherine does. I thought it indicated both an error in judgement and a failure to take responsibility. With all the other good candidates in the running, he won’t be getting one of my votes.”

To which I say ABSO-F$%#ING-LUTELY

Carl Fox was the guy that told police it was ok to use a piece of his stationery, forge his signature and make Andrew Dalzell believe he would face a death sentence unless he confessed to the murder of Deborah Key (a tact that was used, and I might note permitted some years ago in a murder trial in Eastern North Carolina).

When the shit-hit-the-fan and the police were criticized Carl pulled a vanishing act and let the police hang out to dry.

This is beyond poor judgement. Dalzell walked. DA Fox got promoted to judge. And Deborah Key is STILL missing nine years after having been last seen with Dalzell in a Carrboro parking lot at two in the morning.

Poor judgement… try FUBAR.

On May 2nd don’t reward Fox for his reprehensible behavior. There is a pool of qualified candidates. Vote for one of them.


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