It was much like on a day like today that Theresa’s body was found outside of Compton (April, 13th, Good Friday, Easter Weekend).

I’m going to take you through a bit of this. She was found in the morning by a trapper, Robert Ride, who went to that place to plant muscrat traps. When he first saw the body he thought it was a maniquin.

Police arrived around 11:00 am -12:00 noon. The initial report by the coroner at the scene of the crime noted marks of strangulation around her neck (These marks were not detected, or undectable by Montreal coroners by the time the body arrived at the laboratoire at the SQ headquarters).

In the photo you see detectives Roch Gaudreault and Jaques Quiron looking into a garbage bag. This bag contained women’s clothing, but not Theresa’s clothing (a pink sweater and some other things). It was found 0.2 miles up the road in the ditch at the entrance to the Gagnon farm.

Because it was Good Friday and we were with relatives in Southern Ontario, the police could not initially find us to make notification. The SQ actually rounded up three students who were not friends of Theresa and asked them to identify the body (can you imagine being a kid and asked to do that.)

The maps are not very clear but I’ll try and spell it out for you. I think you can identify the bridge (“pont”). Curious is the scarf (“foulard”) in two pieces; one piece is 15.30 meters from the road, the second lies 16.40 meters from the other piece – 25.30 meters from the body.

Upper left it says “sautien gorge, culotte blanche”

The body lied 34 meters from the road. In the upper left corner is the location of the Gagnon farm house. The maps were made by detective N Gregoire at 12:10 pm.


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