Town Without Pity

Ascribing to the “don’t shit where you eat theory”, I’ve kept silent on the Duke University lacrosse scandal. You haven’t heard this little story? It’s the one where 60 drunken athletes invite strippers to their frat house and one of the strippers accuses the boys of gang rape. Add that the strippers are black and the lacrosse players are white, throw in a DA who is up for re-election and you’ve got the makings of a trashy pot-boiler even this tired old windbag can’t resist.

There is some question whether the accuser is being entirely forthcoming in this case. Hey, not that the lacrosse team are angels… get a load of this class act.

Sweetums wanted to “cut their skin off”

But the whole thing is confusing and confused. It’s giving me a headache and I wish the news trucks would shuffle-off-to-Buffalo (or to 24-hour news land as the case may be). See I work in Durham. Said frat house is on my jogging route. And everybody in town has an opinion on this goat-rodeo. (dare I tell anyone lacrosse is Canada’s national sport?).

Not that Canada doesn’t have its collegiate controversies. Playboy has just voted McGill one of North America’s top 10 party campuses, complete with nudie photos of young freshwomen.

Miss May – Turnoffs: Mean People, The Washington Nationals, Poutine

This after my neighbors spotted the Quebec flag hanging from my Carolina porch and wanted to know if Montreal was a safe place to send their 18-year-old daughter who just got accepted to McGill. “Yes”, I gushed, “McGill is the best place for the complete undergraduate experience, I’d send my own daughters if they were old enough!”

Great, now I’m the sexual degenerate next door.

UPDATE: An excellent article in today’s News and Observer on the culture of arrogance on college campuses – especially Duke. And Security On Campus is having a field day with this one.


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