Ok I’m Back

And there’s been a lot going on… especially the incredible and thorough job Sue has done in organizing a search party (Sue, I think you’re a better investigator than me; I hope you are getting university credit for your work!).

I have heard nothing from the SQ, which is troubling as I, Sue and AFPAD have all tried contacting the lead investigator in Theresa’s case. I think he’s thinking, “well fuck them if they’re going to give me a hard time”, but unfortunately – for the police – pubic service doesn’t operate that way.

I have a theory of who killed Theresa (brought to light by one of our readers), I’m sorry to be coy, but I can’t say anything just yet until I check something out, but let me say it all has been discussed on this blog, there’s nothing new I’m holding back.

I will be presenting at an event called SHOUT OUT AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN here in Chapel Hill later this month. Actually, I’m reading something I wrote on Theresa and Deborah Key. I’m a little nervous about it as I’ve never really “gone public” down here. I’ll keep you posted.


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