Folded Clothes

You guys are working my nilly-nerve over this. I’m not sure where “folded” came from, I’d have to check my notes (it may be Patricia taking poetic license). But the point is really moot: the clothes where never found, so there is no way of knowing that they were definitely Theresa’s.

two things stick in my craw:

1. that they coincidentally were found the weekend she disappeared.

2. That they were found within 100 yards or so of the Camirand dump site.

Now, why weren’t they found again? I met with one of the hunters, Steve Mandingo – I believe in the fall of 2002 – on the edge of the forest where the he spotted the clothes. The reason they couldn’t relocate them when they brought Hamel was because they attempted to enter the forest from the opposite direction (180 north on a different access road). Also it was raining badly that day (who knows how hard they tried).

One other thing: At this time Hamel is pushing the runaway lesbian theory, yet these hunters bring him within spitting distance of the Camirand site. I find it hard to believe he wasn’t away of that previous murder. I find it hard to believe that at this point his mind to at least entertain the idea that Theresa might have been murdered (dump cop or someone not willing to rock the boat?)

Interesting that at this time Hamel had two daughters enrolled at Champlain: this was never disclosed at the time, I only recently learned of it.

Say, if you super sleuths really want to help me out here’s what you’ll do. Two years ago I begged SQ investigator Eric Latour to take me and a group back to this site and help us conduct a proper search for the remains of the clothing (I don’t think they were moved, I think they were never found). Latour agreed, very reluctantly. So here’s what you do: get yourselves together, contact Benoit Patenaude, get a metal detector, and comb that area for any remains (a button, a zipper, anything). The spring is a good time to do it.


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