I would have made this instramental but the words got in the way

Over at Is That Legal Eric asks “what are the songs with staying power?”

XTC’ Language in our Lungs is one of my favorites (and still listenable), but Eric must have a young readership over there. Talk of Peter Gabriel as a relic makes me uncomfortable (that’s like asking if McCartney was in a band before Wings – ahem… the band is Genesis).

Pete with his former mates

And how ’bout Dream Academy’s Life in a Northern Town; now there’s a song that doesn’t sound shackled in the 80s.

And you can be sure the next time I contemplate divorce I’ll be listening to Geddy Lee’s pearls of wisdom…

Rush – Fully Loaded

Gotta’ get back in Time

No, for a song to truly stand the test of time you need to reach waaayyy back in the vaults.

Songs like The Poppy Family’s Where Evil Grows, O-o-h Child by The Five Stairsteps, and The Jaggerz, The Rapper (more cowbell) – these hold up.

Stinkers then and now include The Last Song by Edward Bear (what’d you expect from a band named after Winnie the Pooh)…

The New Seekers Look What They’ve Done To My Song…

You mean these guys didn’t make it big? But they looked so hip?

Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone (nominated to The Truck Driver’s Gear Change Hall Of Shame for the world’s most unnecessary key change) and The Original Caste’ Mr Monday (from the band that brought us One Tin Soldier – don’t get me started). Add to that Thunderclap Newman’s Something in the Air, a song that’s always heralded as the last glitter of 60s genius… who are they kidding? This song is one dog that lies there like a turd.

These songs never should have made the transition to digital.

Poor on the Velvetta Cheese..

Then there are hybrids – songs so bad they’re good. Spandua Ballet’s To Cut a Long Story Short I Lost My Mind comes to mind.

I have nothing to add here

Or how ’bout Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ … or for that matter anything by Journey.

Big sweaty Steve Perry… Eric, this one’s for you

But at heart I’ve always been a contrarian. So here’s your chance to weigh in with your votes of songs that DO NOT stand the test of time.

I’ll start you out:

I Hope The Russians Love Their Children Too – Sting (you say this is a hit song?)


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