I’ve been avoiding Sue’s question about the books and clothes because…

I don’t have any real answers.

The books

This issue is so complicated. I believe what you’re asking is if her books were back in her room at Compton it proves she made it back to her residence. Easier said than done.

First, (and Anon will remember this) students had a locker on the Lennoxville campus where they could keep their books. When Theresa first disappeared there was “much ado” made about her books. Her locker was checked and it was found to be empty, but when it was checked again four days later all her books were there (specifically what books? I can’t remember; I think her chemistry and physics text (she had had those classes on that last Friday, Nov. 3rd)).

Now a lot of time was wasted in interpreting what the missing books meant. Remember that at this time it was basically my parents who were doing the investigating; the police and school were of no help, it wasn’t until the end of November that my parents called in an investigator, Robert Buellac. Long story short: Theresa’s friends all shared each other’s locker combinations. I simply think someone found the books or had the books and put them back in the locker; they didn’t bring it up to anyone because they didn’t want to be involved.

Did books arrive back at her room? I don’t know. She had a paper due that week in Philosophy. So, you’d presume she at least brought those books back to residence. The problem is no one did a proper search of her room until the end of November (my parents would not have known what belonged and what didn’t). Also, she had a roommate, and that complicates things. Robert Buellac kept the jacket cover from her philosophy text (a book on Zen), but I don’t know if he got that from her locker or her room (Robert was a pretty smart guy, he would put two-and-two together if the book was in her room – Robert has since died).

So, it’s very possible that whoever killed her disposed of her clothing as well as any books she was carrying.

The Clothes

There are several witness testimonies of her walking around the day she disappeared in blue cords, Chinese slippers, a beige sweater-coat, and a t-shirt (some say a David Bowie t-shirt, but I doubt this since I was just at my parents home and found both her David Bowie shirts in pristine condition in her drawer). She was found in her underwear. Her watch was on. The wallet, as you know, was found 10k away, her scarf was found in two pieces in the cornfield adjacent to where her body was. I believe she was wearing a gold chain around her neck and that was missing.

So what has never been found? The clothing, the chain, and possibly her books, possible a book bag or purse she might have been carrying.

Does that clear things up?


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