Wendy Wasserstein has died

I will tell my only Wendy Wasserstein story of how I ended up in The Heidi Chronicles. My friend Andy Buckley (sorry Andy) was cast as Scoop in a production at a theater in Santa Monica. But Andy then got a guest lead on a tv show called Pacific Blue (sort of a Bay Watch rip-off) and had to leave the show for a week of shooting. Andy told the producers of The Heidi Chronicles not to worry, he had a friend who had done Scoop before (me). I had NEVER done Scoop, hadn’t even read the play.

I got one rehearsal… with the stage manager, no actors. Scoop is very verbose, very smooth, keeps rambling off these political truths about the 60s and 70s (a lot of tricky names and nomenclature, a whole lot of hot air about Eugene McCarthy).

Needless to say, I performed “on book” that weekend.

Andy was great in Pacific Blue.


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