Good Christ, this is disturbing on so many levels

Homicide police probe Edmonton hotel
CBC News

Police in Edmonton have teamed with forensics experts as they search for clues in a possible murder at a motel known as a sex-trade hangout.

Investigators began combing the Trailway Motel about three weeks ago in what began as a stolen-property case.

In recent days, they started looking for hidden crawl spaces, or any evidence that something is buried under the motel.

They decided to widen the investigation when they removed items from the basement and noticed the floor was covered with wood in some areas, and gravel or cement in others.
A team of geologists from the University of Alberta has been using electrical impulses to probe five metres into the ground.

“We’re essentially trying to map areas that might be disturbed,” said Duane Froese, one of the experts.

Police representative Jeff Wuite said officers are trying to examine a gravel and dirt floor in the basement without disturbing whatever they might find. He also said that the experts are using special equipment to look below the motel’s parking lot for secret passages or rooms.

People staying at the hotel said on Friday that investigators have been digging in the basement for three days, sifting soil and debris into a wheelbarrow.

Police have also called in a forensic anthropologist. Owen Beatty, an expert in studying human remains, was part of an Arctic mission that exhumed the bodies of three members of the 1845 Franklin expedition.


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