The Rogue-Cop Theory

It’s an idea not at all pleasant to ponder – because it leaves you helpless.
And I’ve had more than a few contact me about rogue cops and Theresa.

Rogue-cop theory
Cops have been quizzed in probe into missing prostitutes
Fri, December 16, 2005

The RCMP task force investigating a trail of missing and slain women in Alberta has confirmed it has interviewed police officers as “persons of interest” in the case.

Project KARE spokesman Const. Tamara Bellamy wouldn’t say whether any of the interviewed officers had been considered suspects.

“Persons of interest just means individuals we want to talk to because they might have information to pass on to us,” she said. “A person of interest could evolve into a suspect at some point.

“Of course we’ve looked into the possibility (of police suspects). We treat all the tips we get from the public with the same amount of respect and attention. We don’t discount anything.

“The conspiracy theory linking an unnamed police officer to the KARE files has been making the rounds in Edmonton’s sex trade for months now.

In fact, an entire thread on Project KARE’s website bulletin board – where members of the public can exchange tips and ideas about the identity of Edmonton’s serial killer – is devoted to the rogue-cop theory.

“Surely most of these girls have had run-ins with police officers, and would know most of them,” writes “MissAnarchist” on the KARE message board.

“Under that pretense, the SK (serial killer) could easily convince the girls to get in the car.”

Others are more skeptical. “Seeing as there is not any evidence whatsoever leading in this direction, I would NOT think this would be the case,” writes “Sash.”

Ex-city vice cop JoAnn McCartney also doubts the rogue-cop theory. She pointed out that KARE investigators have any number of less lurid reasons to interview police officers in connection with the murder of prostitutes.

“Maybe a few of the women were acting as informants for certain officers,” she said. “And it’s not uncommon for vice officers to get calls from prostitutes in the middle of the night, asking for help.”McCartney said the only thing that would strongly suggest a law enforcement link to the murders would be sophisticated attempts by the killer to conceal evidence, or misdirect police.

“There are always going to be people out there who think cops are out to get them,” she said.”This sounds like paranoia.”Bellamy pointed out that KARE has received hundreds of tips from the public, many of them fingering individuals in a number of professions.”You name the profession, we’ve heard it,” she said.”Some of the tips come from vindictiveness – we’ve gotten tips about a few ex-husbands.

“If it is a police officer … that would really be horrendous. But ultimately, all we care about is finding the person responsible.”


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