Corrine Punky Gustavson

Two things struck me about the Corrine Gustavson trial:

1. When the six-year-old’s body was found face down in a mud puddle she was fully clothed.

2. A medical examiner testified that Corrine had indeed been sexually assault, and had severe genital wounds.

Now… go back to 1978 and the case of Manon Dube…

Ten-year-old Manon Dube was found fully clothed, faced down in a stream. Police have always claimed Dube was NOT the victim of sexual assault (or murdered), and their proof is the clothing:

“In the case of the young Manon Dube, she was a 10-year-old girl. She was all dressed up when we found her. It’s not the same case.”

This according to Surete du Quebec agent, Chantel Mackels. (“the same case” refers to Theresa’s death and the murder of Louise Camirand). In fact, the Surete was so confident that a sex crime hadn’t been committed that they never bothered to check for signs of a sexual assault. To this day, Quebec police are sticking to their story that Manon was a victim of a hit-and-run.

I just wonder if police will ever lose their stubborn arrogance and admit that – at least in some cases – they don’t have all the answers, and other people – in some cases civilians, not law enforcement – might have thought things through with greater clarity and greater attention to probability.


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