My friends,

Living in North Carolina, I sometimes get separated from my Canadienne roots. But recently I discovered something to re-polarize me and I require the assistance of my Quebec brethren.

For a school assignment, my daughter had to bring in 100 of anything(safety pins, marbles, etc…). So I suggested my old bottle cap collection which I haven’t pulled out in over 30 years.

I wondered if some of you might shed some light on the following beverages that were once served in the province of Quebec:

Eskimo Nectar

Porter Champlain

Gurd’s Dry Ginger Ale

Wilson’s Lemon Lime

Old Vienna


Nectar Christin – Mousseux

Snow White Cream Soda

Nesbitt’s Orange (Gagnant / Winner?)

O’Keefe Ale


Twisty Cola (Find the Dime)



Kik Cola

Molson Golden Ale

P’tite Biere du Faubourg


Vee de Vee


Allan’s Grape Punch

“Deposit Plus Depot” ?


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