Non Résolu – Manon Dube R.I.P.

Twenty-Six years ago today the body of 10-year old Manon Dube was found in a stream near Massawippi, Quebec. Manon’s death remains unsolved. The following is how the newspapers reported her discovery 26 years ago:

Police say there is yet no way to determine what killed ten-year-old Manon Dube, missing from near her Sherbrooke home since. Jan. 27, whose body was retreived from a frozen brook Friday Night.

Two young Montreal Boys, in the area for the weekend, found Manon’s body partially frozen into the brook ice half a mile from Massawippi on the Kingscroft road.

The body was transported to Montreal Saturday and an autopsy will be performed at the Medical-Legal Institute today. Det. Lt. Alphee Leblanc of the SHerbrooke Municipal Police who has headed the investigation since January will assist at the autopsy.

When found, Manon was dressed exactly as the day she disappeared, in a navy blue snowsuit and tan leather boots. Only one red mitten and a salmon-pink tuque were not recovered.

A police spokesmans said the only visible sign of injury was a deep gash to Manon’s forehead, but added it may have been caused by the ragged ice.

The spokesman said it was impossible to determine exactly how long Manon’s body had been in the brook, but said indications were the better part of the two months since her disappearance.

Members of the Sherbrooke and Coaticook QPF and Sherbrooke municipal police combed the brook area through the day Saturday but their search was hampered by melting ice and new fallen snow.

Manon was last seen at 7:30 p.m., Jan. 27, when she and her younger sister, Chantal were walking to their Bienville Street home after playing outdoors. When the pair reached the intersection of Union and Craig streets, Chatal decided to run the remainder of the way because she was cold. Only 500 yards from her home, Manon never arrived.

The same weekend, a 16-man police search team and tracking dogs combed the city’s west end, but found no trace of the girl. More than 1500 local snowmobilers spent several days searching in the area surrounding Sherbrooke but found nothing.

Manon’s mother, Jeannine Dube, said she was relieved that her daughter’s body had been recovered: “for nine weeks, the tension I have been under… I didn’t know what to do with myself,” She said.

In a local radio broadcast yesterday morning Mrs. Dube said it was only the good will of her family and prayer that kept her going.

“And I ask you to pray for her… and for me.” She said.

A Sherbrooke native, Mrs. Dube said she has no intention of moving from the City.

Non Résolu – Manon Dube R.I.P… Les Journals Francais

La mort Mysterieuse de Manon Dube: RIEN, RIEN, RIEN…

La mort de la jeune Manon Dube, a Sherbrooke, demeure une enigme. Aucune hypothese ne peut etre retenue sinon celle de l’implication d’une personne inconnue.

Manon Dube a ete portee disparue apres Noel, a Sherbrooke, et on a trouve son corps dans la glace a une vingtaine de milles de Sherbrooke plusieurs semaines plus tard. 

Malgre des expertises menees de main de maitre, a l’Institut de medecine legale, rue Parthenais, a Montreal, on ne connait pas encore les causes exactes de la mort de l’enfant agee de dix ans.

La semaine derniere, le coroner Me Jean-Pierre Rivard a entendu quelques temoins, au palais de justice de Sherbrooke, quant aux circonstances entourant la mort de la jeune Dube. On y a repete les memes circonstances connues dupuis longtemps quant a la disparition et a la decouverte de la fillette.

Mais rien de nouveau n’a ete apporte devant le coroner. La cause demeure donc non resolue. Mais il est clair que quelqu’un a agi dans cette cause, car une fillette ne peut marcher 20 milles, sutout en periode hivernale… 


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