Less on the Rohan Wilson Investigation

Remarks made at yesterday’s memorial service for Rohan Wilson, the young black man who died inexplicably while under the custody of the Montreal police (courtesy of John MacFarlane):

“Peter Yeomans is (Montreal’s) public security boss, and he’s not doing anything…”

Recall that Yeomans is the same idiot who recently brayed about the “excellent reputation” of the Montreal police force.

More chestnuts:

“Don’t be fooled, we aren’t going to let this tragedy go unanswered. Enough is enough.”,

“We’re tired of unexplained deaths. We’re tired of being treated like second-class citizens.”:

Minister Darryl Gray.

“The justice minister is doing nothing to reassure the community. This tells me that as a black man, my life is worth nothing.”

“You know, if this had happened to a dog, the SPCA would have acted and somebody would have been arrested already.”:

Johnny Francois, whose brother, Marcellus was shot in the head by Montreal police in 1991 in a case of mistaken identity.


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