Quebec gets Punk’d by Conan’s Triumph

Canadians – who seem to wear their very soul on their sleeve, let alone their hearts – are in a tissy again, this time about comments made by Conan O’brien’s Triumph the Insult Dog concerning French Canadians.

O’brien, who has been hosting his late night show this week from Toronto, has the bacon-nation up in arms over remarks made by Triumph – a hand puppet ( a hand puppet!) at the expense of unsuspecting Quebec pedestrians at their annual winter carnival.

Dear Quebec,

Consider it a privilege and an honor to be targeted by Triumph. If you were caught like a moose in the headlights, you’re in good company: witness Eminem’s dazed response at last year’s MTV music awards. Sure the hip-hop phenom wanted to pummel the pup! But hey! It’s Triumph! It is useless to attempt to fight his barbs. He’s a hand puppet – get it? Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Just think how insulted you would have been if Triumph passed you over and went straight to Newfie jokes.

Quebec – you’ve been Punk’d, man! Laugh a little!


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