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John AlloreResponse to the SûretéWednesday, September 18, 2002
Law enforcement, school administrators, and the people of Quebec can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Sûreté du Quebec has looked into the matter of the death of my sister, Theresa Allore, and concluded that there is no new evidence to justify a reinvestigation of her death. There’s no sexual predator stalking the citizens of the Eastern Townships, and everyone has done their jobs. Nosy Canadian ex-patriots go home and get a life.
Not just yet. I have said all along that if the Sûreté made a thorough examination of the files of Louise Camirand, Manon Dube and Theresa Allore, if they looked at these files in comparison to one another, then this might restore my faith in Quebec law enforcement.
This was not done. For the past four weeks I have been in touch with the Montreal Sûreté on a weekly basis regarding this investigation. We provided the Sûreté with all of the new information we had discovered over the course of our work. The Sûreté ignored it. The investigator who reviewed Theresa’s file only looked at the old information. In addition, this investigator never laid eyes on the files of Louise Camirand and Manon Dube. Further, in reviewing my sister’s file, this investigator was viewing the information with the narrowest of agendas: to see if Theresa’s file would bare any evidence to further incriminate one specific murder suspect that the Sûreté currently has in custody, and who goes to trial in November.
Here’s what the Sûreté did not do:
They did not pursue the information we provided on the two suspects currently in custody.
They did not interview the woman who was almost abducted on MacDonald road on the night of October 3, 1978; one month prior to my sister’s death.
They did not drive the geographic profile route linking the residences, places of employment, places of last sightings, and dump sights for Camirand, Dube and Allore.
They did not interview four new witnesses who have come forward to say they were raped, or violently assaulted at the same time, and in the same places that Camirand. Dube and Allore disappeared.
So the Sûreté du Quebec announces they see no reason to reinvestigate my sister’s death. I say to the Sûreté, what new information leads you to conclude that the matter does not warrant further investigation?
Do you know that the Sûreté won’t even bother to tell me what they found? That is classified information. It is classified because, as an unsolved case, the case remains active. Active, but not aggressively worked. Once the case is solved, however, only then will the files’ contents be unclassified so that I can review the information. But how is it to be solved unless it is aggressively worked? The Sûreté can go on like this for eternity; never solving the case and never releasing any information.
I have contested this situation to the Ministere de la Securite Publique, and they agree with the Sûreté: I am not allowed to know the contents of the file. I have provided substantial evidence that my sister was murdered: the initial coroner’s reported noted marks of strangulation, the toxicological report noted no sign of drug use. Nevertheless, the Sûreté can continue to conclude that she died of a drug overdose, without having to produce a shred of evidence to the family or the public.I have appealed the decision of the Ministere to the Commission d’Access a L’Information, asking them to release to me all the information in the file of Theresa Allore. I can only hope that they will be able to grasp the extreme injustice my family has suffered.
In addition I have asked for inquires and investigations to be made on the conduct of both the Sûreté du Quebec and Champlain Regional College from the following agencies:The Minister of JusticeThe Minister of EducationThe Federation of CegepsCommissaire a la deontologue policiereMinistere de la Security Publique (for the Sûreté’s recent conduct)Le Protecteur du CitoyenThe Board of Governors of Champlain College
I continue to have the support of two private detective agencies in Quebec who have offered their services ‘pro bono’. I am also fortunate to have the support of American law enforcement agencies. These people see that an injustice has been done, and they want to assist in any way possible.
In addition, two weeks ago I was contacted by the producers of ‘Cold Case Files’, an American criminal investigation show on A&E, and they are interested in doing a segment on all three cases; Camirand, Dube Allore. I spoke with the producers this morning; despite the Sûreté’s announcement, they are still interested in profiling all three cases. You see, unlike the Sûreté, these people have actually reviewed the evidence and want to help.
If anyone else would like to help, contact
John AlloreChapel Hill, North Carolina


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