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He came from Hydro Quebec? Really?!


Sûreté du Québec director general Mario Laprise steps down

Sûreté du Québec director general Mario Laprise steps down

Mario Laprise has stepped down as director general of the Surete du Quebec and the Liberal government has named a committee that will oversee the selection of his replacement.

The province’s top cop is moving on. 

Public Security Minister Lise Thériault announced Wednesday that Mario Laprise, director general of the Sûreté du Québec, will be leaving his post before the end of his term. 

Thériault said Laprise, named in October 2012 by the previous Parti Québécois government, would be returning to where he worked before the PQ plucked him, Hydro-Québec. 

The announcement ends months of speculation on Laprise’s future. The Liberals considered him too close to the PQ, with observers believing his days were numbered when the Liberals took power. 

Laprise’s contract was to have run to 2017. Before he headed the SQ, he was responsible for industrial security at hydro. 

Laprise took over from Richard Deschesnes who was named by the Liberals but dumped by the PQ during the 18 months it formed the provincial government. 

Deschesnes also never got to finish his full term in the game of political ping-pong surrounding such critical top jobs. 

Thériault, however, insisted the change was not politically motivated and Laprise himself requested the change. 

“He (Laprise) expressed an interest in returning to Hydro-Québec,” Thériault said at a news conference in Quebec City. “Mr. Laprise did an incredible job. He is very happy to return to hydro.” 

She refused to provide details behind the changing of the guard or the kind of financial settlement involved in moving such a top mandarin. 

Acting on orders from Premier Philippe Couillard, Thériault instead announced she is creating a search committee to recommend a successor. 

During the election campaign, Couillard said he wanted to make such appointments less political. 

Thériault said the new director general would be in place by December.



7 Cold Cases = 1 Serial Killer


I’m trying to make some sense of the recent news that seven unsolved cases from the 1980s and 90s have been handed over by the Montreal Police to the Surete du Quebec’s Cold Case unit.

What does this mean? Did the Montreal Police finally give up? Also this is the first instance I can ever remember of a Quebec police force actually acknowledging that a serial killer was responsible for crimes.

A lot of what was revealed yesterday is hardly new, or even surprising. In 1984-85 the disappearances of Wilton Lubin, Sebastien Metivier, Maurice Viens, and Denis Roux Bergervin sent the Montreal community into shock and panic. All but Metivier (who was never found) were sexually assaulted and severely beaten; the bodies dumped in the St Lawrence river, a vacant house in St Antoine sur Richelieu and a wooded area in Brossard respectively.  Almost immediately the Montreal community screamed “Serial Killer”, but the police did their usual job of pacification claiming “they wouldn’t rule out any possibilities”.

What IS interesting is that now cases from the early 90s have been added, and the original young, male cluster of victims is now book-ended  with two young female cases; Tammy Leakey who was beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled on March 12, 1981 and the 1992 murder of Marie-Eve Lariviere.

So according to the police,  they are hunting a  serial predator who was active for over a decade, and who appeared to have had no visible preference for race, young age (victims range from 4 to 12), culture (French and English victims) or gender.

The most common connectors were that the victims were young, were sexually assaulted and beaten severely on all parts of their bodies.



Tammy Leakey Cold Case









Ok, I reviewed my files. I have A LOT on the Leakey case; including autopsy report, police reports, and crime map.

I will leave it for tonight: this stuff upsets me, but more to come.



Serial killer behind 7 cold cases on the island of Montreal

So I will write more this evening, but for now here’s a brief on what I know about this affair.

I know the Sebastien Metivier case because I am friends with his mother, Christiane Sirois. She and I – along with the families of Sharon Prior and Helene Monast – were part of a victims group that I briefly participated in. At that time, there was chatter of a possible connection between Sebastien’s case and Tammy Leakey, but nothing came of it.

As for Leakey? I mentioned her as a possible victim of a serial killer – a bootlace killer – but certainly a possible victim on the frontier ( that is, she should be looked at with the core group, but not a strong connection.

I have her case files at home. I will look at them and my notes this evening at post more.

So what has taken police so long to connect the dots? It’s been over 30 years, the public knew these were not random murders, the police has all kinds of resources at their disposal, and only now do they get their act together.




Quebec police believe serial killer behind 7 cold cases

So what I find interesting here is that the investigation is confined to cases within the island of Montreal, as if a predictor would really respect the territory only assigned to the SPVM:

MONTREAL – Police have recently converged seven cold cases involving murdered or disappeared children in the hopes of catching what they believe is one serial killer, QMI Agency has learned.

The heinous crimes were committed around the greater Montreal area between 1981 and 1992 and involve children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Sources say that police are considering the unsolved six murders and one disappearance as part of a recently opened single investigation.

The investigation is looking into the murders of Wilton Lubin and Maurice Viens as well as the disappearance of Sebastien Metivier. All three were reported missing Nov. 1 1984. The investigation also includes the murders of Tammy Leaky, Denis Roux-Bergevin, Pascal Poulin and Marie-Eve Lariviere.

QMI Agency has learned there are many similarities between the cases, including the fact that the six murder victims were kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

The case has been transferred to a special serial killer unit of the provincial police. The unit is also working with the Montreal and Laval, Que., forces.

The two 1984 murders and one disappearance galvanized the province into action. Montreal police authorities assigned its entire homicide unit to track those responsible for killing Lubin and Viens.

The head of Quebec’s Missing Children’s Network said the organization was founded as a response to the killings of those two boys.

Christiane Sirois, whose son Sebastien Metivier was kidnapped when he was eight years old, said she is still looking for him.

“I wish with all my heart that the person responsible (for Sebastien’s disappearance) is still alive,”



Sherbrooke Record / Maura Murray

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 9.57.07 AMLe vendredi 7 Février , une annonce pleine page à la recherche d’informations sur les allées et venues de Maura Murray paru dans le journal de langue anglaise, The Sherbrooke Record . De ce blog , il semble que le journaliste d’investigation , James Renner , qui poursuit agressivement le cas de Maura Murray pour un certain nombre d’années , est responsable de l’ annonce. Murray a disparu 10 ans plus tôt quand sa voiture abandonnée a été découvert le long d’une route nationale , un soir d’hiver dans le New Hampshire . Au départ, l’idée était qu’elle était la victime d’un prédateur , mais récemment, il a eu un contingent de plus en plus – Renner entre eux – qui croient que Maura est vivant et dans la clandestinité , éventuellement en Canada .

Quelques réflexions :

1 . Murray pourrait se cacher à la vue ? Facilement. Rappelons l’histoire de Julie Bureau . La jeune  ont disparu depuis trois ans quand elle a disparu d’un restaurant Coaticook ( banlieue de Sherbrooke ) . Tout le monde pensait que c’était l’enlèvement et assassiner , apparemment sur ​​la base qu’elle partage le même prénom que deux autres victimes , Julie Boisvenu et Julie Surprenant . Le journal français local a publié un article sur les cas intitulé , Les Trois Julies (vous pouvez en lire plus ici ) .

Bureau a été retrouvé trois ans plus tard . Elle vivait sous le nez de tout le monde avec son nouveau copain à environ 60 km à Beauceville ( Nord-Est de Sherbrooke ) . Lorsqu’on lui demande pourquoi elle a disparu , Bureau blâmé la pression de ses parents qui , ” voulaient contrôler sa vie , ” .

Il serait plus facile que vous pensez de ” se perdre ” dans les Cantons de l’Est , en particulier si vous étiez anglais. Personne ne contesterait un Anglais là, les Américains ont été à venir dans la région depuis des années. En outre, personne ne vous dérange pas , la culture et les autorités françaises sont à peu près insulaire et égocentrique , ils n’auraient jamais s’arrêter à la question qui vous étiez , ou ce que vous y faisiez si vous étiez anglais.

2 . Ma question est , si Maura Murray se cache quelque part , comment at-elle y arriver? À disparaître d’une route isolée New Hampshire dans le milieu de l’hiver avec un peu plus que le manteau sur le dos est un truc . Et je n’achète pas cette notion que parce qu’elle avait une demi-année de formation de cadets sous sa ceinture de West Point qui elle a été soudainement transformée en un survivaliste .

3 . Peut-être que la réponse est une combinaison d’idées . Peut-être que Maura fuyait , et elle est morte en essayant , son corps pas encore récupéré de certaines zone de forêt dense qui entoure la route 112 . La théorie emballement est un puissant narcotique , et j’ai entendu parler avant : Elle a été souligné , elle a lutté avec sa famille , elle était enceinte et honte , elle a été un échec scolaire , elle a eu un problème d’abus de substance , elle était en Floride , elle était à Montréal, elle était à Calgary . C’est ainsi qu’ils ont décrit d’abord ma soeur , Theresa Allore , mais je pourrait facilement être décrit ce que les gens ont conjecturé sur Maura . En fin de compte , Thérèse était aucune de ces choses . Elle était morte , moins d’un mile de l’endroit où elle vivait .



Sherbrooke Record publishes missing persons ad of Maura Murray

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 9.57.07 AM

On Friday, February 7th, a full-page ad seeking information about the whereabouts of Maura Murray appeared in the English language newspaper, The Sherbrooke Record. From this blog post, it appears that the investigative reporter, James Renner, who has been aggressively pursuing the case of Maura Murray for a number of years, is responsible for the ad.  Murray went missing 10-years-ago when her abandoned car was discovered along a state road one winter evening in New Hampshire. Initially, the belief was that she was the victim of a predator, but recently, there has been a growing contingent – Renner among them – who believe that Maura is alive and in hiding, possibly n Canada.

Some thoughts:

1. Could Murray be hiding in plain sight? Easily. Recall the story of Julie Bureau. The 14-year-old went missing for three years when she disappeared from a Coaticook restaurant (suburb of Sherbrooke). Everyone thought it was abduction and murder, apparently on the basis that she shared the same first name as two other victims, Julie Boisvenu and Julie Surprenant.  The local French newspaper published an article about the cases titled, Les Trois Julies (you can read more here).

Bureau was found three years later. She had been living  under everyone’s noses  with her new boyfriend about 60 km away in Beauceville (North East of Sherbrooke).  When asked why she disappeared, Bureau blamed the pressure from her parents who, “wanted to control her life,” .

It would be easier than you think to “get lost” in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, especially if you were English. No one would question an English person there; Americans have been coming to the region for years. Further, no one would bother you; the French culture and authorities are pretty much insular and self-absorbed; they would never stop to question who you were, or what you were doing there if you were English.

2. My question is, if Maura Murray is hiding somewhere, how did she get there? To disappear from an isolated New Hampshire road in the middle of winter with little more than the coat on your back is some trick. And I don’t buy this notion that because she had a half a year of cadet training under her belt from West Point that she was suddenly transformed into a survivalist.

3. Maybe the answer is a combination of ideas. Maybe Maura was running away, and she died trying; her body still not recovered from some dense forest area surrounding Route 112. The runaway theory is a powerful narcotic, and I have heard it before: She was stressed, she fought with her family, she was pregnant and ashamed, she was failing school, she had a substance abuse problem, she was in Florida, she was in Montreal, she was in Calgary. This is how they initially described my sister, Theresa Allore, but I could easily be describing what people have conjectured about Maura. In the end, Theresa was none of those things. She was dead, less than a mile from where she lived. 



Enquête Theresa Allore

imgresUn disciple a présenté quelques questions que je me sens serait bénéfique de partager avec tout le monde :

Q1 : Avez-vous le sentiment que la Sûreté du Québec ou d’autres policiers ont menti ? Ou
croyez-vous que la police a toujours dit la vérité sur cette affaire ?

A1 : J’ai le sentiment que la police du Québec ont leurs raisons pour garder la vérité de moi , et leurs raisons peuvent être séparés en trois catégories :


1 . Dans le sens le plus positif , ils ont intérêt à résoudre l’affaire , et partager trop d’informations avec moi pourraient endommager toute capacité à résoudre.

2 . Dans un sens négatif , ils peuvent avoir des raisons pour rétention d’informations qui pourraient les embarrasser .

3 . Dans le sens négatif EXTREME , la police peut faire de la rétention d’informations qui pourraient les compromettre , ou même les impliquer dans le cas : Il a longtemps été suggéré que peut-être la police ont été impliqués dans la mort de Thérèse , soit par leur association avec des criminels , ou peut-être parce que certains d’entre eux étaient des criminels eux-mêmes . La preuve ici est anecdotique ( ouï-dire ) , il n’existe aucune preuve documentée de cette .

Q2: Est-il vrai que quelqu’un a suggéré d’exhumer son corps …. et pourquoi ?

A2 : L’idée d’ exhumer le corps de ma sœur a été suggéré à plusieurs reprises . Les raisons sont à rechercher s’il ya peut-être encore la trace des preuves d’ADN qui ne peut être examiné par les normes d’aujourd’hui . Ma famille est ok avec elle , nous avons donné notre approbation à tout moment de n’importe quel organisme devrait souhaiter conduire. Un officier SQ voulait faire l’examen d’exhumation , mais il ne pouvait pas obtenir la SQ à payer pour cela . Sinon, nous avons essayé de recueillir des fonds pour un laboratoire privé pour faire un examen de la dépouille , mais nous n’avons jamais pu obtenir assez d’argent pour le faire , et personne ne le ferions gratuitement .



Theresa Allore Investigation

T-051A follower has brought forward some questions I feel would be beneficial to share with everyone:

Q1: Do you have the feeling that the Quebec police or other police have lied to you ? Or
do you believe that police have always said the truth about that matter?

A1:  I have the feeling that the Quebec Police have their reasons for keeping the truth from me, and their reasons can be separated into three categories:

1. In the most positive sense, they have an interest in solving the case; and sharing too much information with me could potentially damage any ability to solve it.

2. In a negative sense, they may have reasons  for withholding information that could potentially embarrass them.

3. In the EXTREME NEGATIVE sense,  the police may be withholding information that could potentially compromise them, or even implicate them in the case: It has long been suggested that possibly the police were involved in Theresa’s death; either through their association with criminals, or perhaps because some of them were criminals themselves. The evidence here is anecdotal (hearsay), there is no documented evidence of this.

Q2: Is it true that someone has suggested to exhume her body….and why?

A2: The idea of exhuming my sister’s body has been suggested on several occasions. The reasons are to examine whether there might  still be trace DNA evidence that can only be examined by today’s standards. My family is ok with it, we have given our approval anytime any agency should wish to conduct it. One SQ officer wanted to do the exhumation examination, but he couldn’t get the SQ to pay for it. Alternatively we tried to raise money for a private laboratory to do an examination of the remains, but we could never get enough money together to do it, and no one would do it for free.



10 year search for Maura Murray continues

mauraFascinating piece in Boston Magazine about the disappearance of Maura Murray. Some thoughts:

1. The piece’s documentation on the 10 year history of internet sleuthing is really interesting, and I am pretty sure Who Killed Theresa? was one of the first blogs of this nature. I know I started covering the story around 2004.

2. If theorists really do believe Maura went to Canada, specifically Sherbrooke, I wonder if they are aware there is a monastery there, Abbaye St. Benoit Du Lac, that might have provided refuge. In fact, my father knocked on their door 35 years ago when my sister went missing.

3. Maura’s father, Fred Murray and I have corresponded over the years. He may now feel she was abducted by “a local dirtbag”, but for a time he took the notion of her fleeing to Canada very seriously. I know because I put him in contact with some police investigators with the Quebec police.

4. I have also corresponded with James Renner. I respect James’ tenacity, but his comment that Fred Murray must be hiding something because, “In the history of missing women, what father has ever not wanted more publicity about their missing daughter?” is unfair, irresponsible, and simply not accurate. When my sister disappeared, authorities accused her of being everything from mentally disturbed, to a runaway, to a “lesbian” (heaven forbid). At that point, the very LAST thing my parents wanted was more publicity. They felt betrayed by the people they supposed were there to help them, and so they shut up. This is exactly what Fred has done, and I don’t blame him one bit.




Ce site est du meurtre non résolu de Theresa Allore qui a été trouvé dans Compton, Québec le 13 Avril, 1979.

Si vous avez n'importe quelles informations à propos de la mort de Theresa et à propos de l'investigation contactent son frère John Allore: johnallore(@)gmail(dot)com. Merci.


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This site is about the unsolved murder of Theresa Allore who died November 3, 1978 in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. If you have any information please contact her brother John Allore, johnallore(at)gmail (dot)com

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